Gabriela Sánchez certificate

Carrying a jewel Gabriela Sánchez is a symbol of Mexican pride, passion, confidence and celebration. It is the opportunity to live experiences, share memories and traditions, taking a bit of Mexico to wherever you go.

Our jewels are small sculptures with a great level of detail, representing part of the culture, history and identity of Mexico.

The jewel Gabriela Sánchez is created to enjoy it and share it from generation to generation.

The Gabriela Sánchez jewels are unique, limited edition, handcrafted with ancestral techniques with the intervention of great goldsmiths and the sensitivity of creative women of Mexico.

I certify that this is an original jewel Gabriela Sánchez conceived and manufactured by Gabriela Sánchez design house in .925 silver and natural gems from around the world.

joyas mexicanas gabriela sanchez firma

Guadalajara, Jalisco


Envío nacional sin costo en compras mayores a $1000